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6 World’s Largest Media Agencies

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What Is a Media Agency?

In marketing and advertising the term “media services” is the used to describe the process of delivering the message an advertising agency has created through the media. There are basically two parts to media services. Media planning is deciding where an advertisement will be placed to be most effective and media buying which is the process of negotiating with media owners over availability and price. Most advertising agencies no longer have media departments, having set them up as a completely separate business with their own global network. With advertising and media services being separated the clients advertising gets placed in the best medium as opposed to the most expensive. The result of the consolidation process is that the media services market is dominated by global networks. These media agency networks are all owned by the major or mid‐size holding companies, and each operates through 100 or more local offices around the world.

Interesting Facts Related to the World’s Largest Digital Media Companies

Digital media continues to grow and influence the way that the biggest online advertising companies spend for marketing. Here are a few facts related to media agencies that may be of interest:

  • WPP, the world’s biggest ad agency holding company spent $4 billion for media space with Google in 2015 and another $1 billion with Facebook.
  • The revenue of the 4 largest digital marketing and advertising agency holding companies (WPP, Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe, and Interpublic Group of Cos.) was almost twice as much as the revenue of the other top 50 agencies combined in 2011.
  • Google is far and away the largest media owner in the world and is bigger than the second largest media owner (Walt Disney Company) and third largest (Comcast) combined. Google is a pure digital media owner.
  • Facebook is the fastest growing of the top media owners and is also a pure digital media owner

Here’s the deal: Digital media will eventually dominate other forms of media in advertising. The largest digital media companies will also be the biggest media agencies overall. The biggest online advertising companies all expect revenue from digital media to increase so it is best to be prepared.

Reviews of the 6 Largest Media Agencies in the World

The following is a list of the 6 biggest media agencies in the world and links to profiles for each:


biggest online advertising companies in the world

Starcom MediaVest: The world’s biggest media agency, mainly because of its dominant position in the US. Holding agency: Publicis


biggest online advertising companies list

OMD: Has topped the rankings of awards for media planning and media buying every year since 2004. Holding agency: Omnicom


biggest online advertising companies services

ZenithOptimedia: The other major media network within Publicis.


biggest ad agency online

Mindshare: The largest of WPP’s four global media networks.


biggest ad agency hire

Carat: Tied with MediaCom for 5th in the global rankings. It was for many years the world’s largest media independent until acquired by Dentsu in 2012.


biggest ad agency tips

MediaCom: Tied with Carat for number 5 in the global rankings. It is especially strong in Europe, and the two key markets of the UK and Germany.


How to Choose a Media Agency

Selecting the right agency for your business will require some research. Take a look at several agencies and narrow it down to the two or three you like the best. Here are a few tips on how to select a digital media agency:

  • Look at the agency website: Is it professional looking? Is it easy to navigate? When selecting a company that will be helping you promote your business online you would expect they do a good job in presenting themselves
  • Look for agencies that have done work in your industry: An agency that has already done work in the same industry you are in will be familiar with many of the problems. They will also have a good idea of the type of audience you are targeting.
  • Review case studies: Case studies from previous jobs show how the agency approaches a problem in real life and what solutions they came up with. You can also get an idea of the quality of work they provide
  • Check references: Speak to past clients of the interactive marketing agency and find out what type of experiences they had and if the received what was promised

The largest media agencies may not be the best choice for you but before you discount them or any other online advertising company you are considering do the background research and find out if they fulfill your requirements.

Learn what are the largest digital media companies and how you can learn from them today!

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