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Social Marketing Agencies for Promoting Your Business

The use of social media as a marketing platform has grown tremendously. Facebook has around 1 billion users that you can reach and that is just a single social networking platform. Fifty-eight percent of small business owners are using social media in their marketing. But here’s the kicker; less than half are creating any other kind of content to help them get leads and sales. To be effective social media should be integrated with other strategies such as email marketing and your website content. With all of the different social media platforms out there it is difficult to know which ones are the best choices for your business. A social media marketing strategy agency may be the best choice to assist with guiding your online advertising efforts. Consumers are no longer willing to put up with traditional type advertising that interferes with their online experience. A more subtle touch is called for, with advertisers providing content that the audience wants to see rather than having it forced on them. Among the social marketing advantages, a cooperation with a good social media interactive marketing company will forego the hard sell tactics in favor of useful content that engages potential customers.

Choosing Social Media Promotional Marketing Agencies

Once you have decided you need the help of a social media marketing agency you must determine exactly what it is you want to achieve. This will make selecting an international digital marketing agency easier for both you and the firms you talk to. Here are some tips to help you choose a marketing strategy agency:

  • Review the case studies of the companies you are considering: Request links to the social media campaigns they are managing currently for clients. Look for those case studies with results that are closest to what your objectives are. Agencies with successes similar to what you desire are ones to put on your short list.
  • Is the agency using their own services: Are they implementing the same social media strategies for their own business that they are recommending for you? If their interactive marketing services and social media accounts have only a low level of activity don’t expect them to do any better marketing you
  • Metrics for reporting: How does the agency plan to measure the success of their social media strategies? Some metrics of interest might include how many people were reached? How many new followers were gained? Did your website traffic increase as a result of social media? Were new leads generated as a result of social media? You should receive regular updates in order to determine the effectiveness of the agencies strategy.
  • Look for an agency with experience in your industry: Having experience in your business field or one related to it means the agency will require less time to gain a full understanding of your business and the type of audience you are targeting

Reviews of Social Media Agencies

One method of learning more about an agency is through customer reviews posted by previous clients. Here is a list of reviews for some of the best social media marketing agencies:







Good social marketing agencies can increase your brand recognition, increase your website traffic and the number of leads you receive so take the time to research and choose wisely.

Choose the best promotional marketing agencies for your business today!

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