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Top 7 Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies’ Features

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What Is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Many digital marketing agencies specialize in only one or two particular areas of advertising. A full service digital agency offers a full range of services to handle every aspect of planning and implementing a digital advertising campaign so that you can focus on running your business. When you employ a full service they will put together a team capable of handling every part of your advertising needs. Teams will have an account manager and may include an art director, creative director, artist, copywriters, and designers. Other specialists such as media analysts and researchers may also be part of the team. Essentially a full service agency will make sure they have everybody necessary to run your digital marketing campaign.

7 Features Offered by Full Service Agencies for Digital Marketing

Full service digital agencies should be able to handle anything required to fulfill your advertising needs. The features provided by full service agencies include the following:

  1. Advertising and marketing planning: Full service digital ad agencies will develop a strategy to achieve your specific business objectives through the campaign they create.
  2. Media purchasing: Full service digital media marketing agency should have knowledge of pricing, and the various platforms available.
  3. Web design: Could include professional web design, web page updates and anything else to do with your website
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Agencies must have the ability to optimize your website and content for SEO.
  5. Content marketing: Provide copywriting and graphic design services to develop the appropriate content for your campaign including text copy, infographics as well as video and any other form of multimedia used
  6. Social media marketing: A full service web agency can help you establish a presence on social media and engage with users and share content
  7. Track and analyze results: The agency should track results and analyze them to determine if any adjustments needed to make your campaign more effective

7 Full Service Digital Agencies

Checking customer reviews of an interactive marketing agency is one method of learning more about them and to find out the type of experiences previous clients have had with them. Here are links to reviews of 7 different agencies offering full service digital marketing:

Tips for Selecting a Full Service Agency for Digital Marketing

As you consider possible agencies don’t limit your choice to just one. You will want to end of with a short list of several agencies that appear to meet your requirements. Keep the following tips in mind as you go through the process of selecting a full service digital agency:

  • Look for agencies familiar with your type of business. To better fully understand your needs it is helpful if the agency is familiar with the industry you are in.
  • Agencies should understand your target market. Knowing the market enables the best choice of platforms to be effective
  • Check agency references. Find out how previous customers felt about the agency’s work
  • Look at some case studies of previous jobs the agency has undertaken. See if their work meets your expectations
  • Find out if any agency services are outsourced. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing and many agencies claiming to be full service do it. However to help make sure that problems don’t crop up, ask the agency about their source, how long they have used them, where they are located and how much experience they have

Now that you have done your background research you can make your final selection of a full service digital marketing agency and put your advertising strategy into action!

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